My Reading Goals for 2024

Posted on January 18, 2024

The further we get from 2020, the more we invest time for ourselves to provide a better work/life balance because we learned that life is short, and you don’t need to spend your weekends and holidays on a job that could drop you at a moment’s notice. I started with what I already enjoyed, which is reading of course, and began to listen to audiobooks while I worked or in my free time. When I couldn’t find anything interesting to read, I went to book influencers like Jack Edwards or withcindy for recommendations, or just something to laugh at. I went from one book a month to two then three books, finishing my reading goal to 28 books in 2020. After that I raised my reading goal to 50 to see if I could keep up the pace and if I did by the end of the year, I would start a blog. You know the rest of the story.

My current goal is to read 80 books and I’m already behind. I have a good reason and it’s why I’m sharing with you today. I know what you’re thinking, what’s the whole point of a book blog if I’m already behind on my most important goal. Trust me when I say that what I working on this year will be more important than creating reviews. I’ll catch up, maybe.

One of my reading goals is simple, I want to start re-reading books again. All the books I read the past two years were published that same year or something I had never read before. It’s great to see what ended up being on Goodreads Choice Awards or Kirkus Review, but the time I spent finding the newest book, the less I spent reading on what I had nearby. My blog won’t have many posts like this back-to-back, but this is so that my when I read, it’s not to chase clout. I will write reviews about books coming out in 2024 but again all my eggs will not be in that basket.

Most of my content won’t just be reviews. I want to add something that excites me and there’s so much going on in the publishing world dealing with authors, book trends, and even bookstagram that I need to get out of my comfort zone and write what I can. The real reason so that I can write more than last year since 2023 was the busiest year of my life. I can update everyone on why but not this month. I have a lot of work to do.

Other ways you can see my reading progress besides my Goodreads account is through my brand-new Instagram account, BookEnJenn. I have some posts created so I hope you can visit my page and follow me there as well. It’s just for fun and a way to help me get in touch with the publishing world. It’s not like I lived under a rock, but if I want to write more than book reviews, I need more material I can work with, and I wish I was one of the first people to talk about the ice hockey drama on bookstagram.

Why am I choosing now to start these goals instead of saying I want to read more? Simple, I want to THRIVE, reading isn’t just a pastime, and it probably never was. It did take me years to build up the courage to even start a blog because I knew it wouldn’t be like others and it’s slightly outdated now that there are more routes to share like TikTok and Thread. Starting a blog wasn’t about proving to others that I’m a talented writer, but to prove that I can still produce content even on my worst days and I never lost touch with what I know.

Which is why I’m adding a new tab to the website that includes my past work as a writer. It’s a small portfolio that will showcase all my hard work over the past few years. It’s features lots of topics besides publishing, but it will show what I can offer as a writer and editor for everyone to see. If you want to work together, please email me at and if I haven’t responded yet, you can message me on Instagram, BookEnJenn and I’ll get back to you.

I hope this year will be more successful than the last. I hope I learn more about myself as I grow, as I’m sure I’ll work harder to prove to myself that I’m a talented writer who can take on any project that comes my way. I hope you enjoy this content and see it through to the end as I write out into the void and see what calls back. You know where you can find me.