Threads That Bind by Kika Hatzopoulou Review

Posted on October 23, 2023

I read tellings and retellings of Greek mythology since I was little. I can count the number of times I read about the gods and how their adventures become more intricately woven than what Arachne could weave. After thousands of years, we still see a new version of one of the popular Greek myths, and I don’t see why not. Mythology is the original foundation of storytelling. From stories about war to forbidden romances, we always find a new book, or film, about mortals and their interactions with Greek gods. Sometimes, it seems like the wheel is rebuilding over and again, and at others, it’s just far left field that you can enjoy the story without knowing what happens next. Threads that Bind is that story.

A descendant of fate and born to cut, Io Ora uses her abilities to work as a private investigator for the City of Alante. Her latest work leads to the discovery of abducted women transforming into wraiths. With such creatures roaming the city, the Mob Queen hires Io to find the person behind the abduction while working alongside Edei Rhuna, the person who shares a fate thread and is the Mob Queen’s second-in-command. The deeper the duo dives into the investigation, the more personal threads Io finds embedded in the case. Soon, Io finds more powerful beings at play, but can she stop them from destroying everything she loves?

Hatzopoulou creates a new twist that makes Greek mythology look new to every reader. Even though the author created an entirely new world influenced by greek gods you don’t spend most of the story reading about the backgrounds of every god or goddess involved. It’s mostly delved into the minor characters in the myths such as the fates, the wraiths, and so on that we read about the characters being born from them instead. Hatzopoulou created characters with so much depth that she can use them to make her story come to life. If you enjoy reading a mystery and seeing the world around the main character spin on its head, I would suggest reading this book and grabbing your hands on the next thing the author writes.